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A little bit about us

Ruby & Harry is named after my 2 children. Ruby-Rose now 10 & Harrison now 5. It was established in September 2017, from a garage, somewhere in Lymm!!
I came to realise at the age of 33, (now 37) I had never truly been happy in any job, especially working for someone else. I would watch my dad as he ran his own business and used to say “Dad, I’m going to work for myself” so even at a young age, I guess it was inevitable that I was destined to be my own boss. 

My idea stemmed from my love of organising parties. Like my mum who is also super arty, (baking cakes, making cards, too many to name) I’ve always loved making things. Getting creative with colours & designs, picking out home decor and generally really enjoying anything to do with creating or organising.

In September 2017, Ruby & Harry was created. 

Bit by bit, I set up a workshop in my garage (well you have to start somewhere) I practised, failed, practised a bit more and before I knew it, I had cracked it. I stuck it on Facebook the next day and I couldn’t believe the response. Orders started flooding in and I thought wow, what have I done! 

I am now 3 years in, with a relocation under my belt & 2 closures due to Covid-19, saying its been easy would be an understatement, but, with perseverance, sheer determination, words of encouragement and support from both, family, friends and the local community, I am now heading into my 4th year. 
Who knows what will happen next.

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